Bilingual kids are smarter?

I keep learning about raising a bilingual kid and let me share with you some of the things I have done to have a 80% bilingual kid.

Some kids don’t realize how important is to speak another language (and some parents don’t realize how important is it, either),  but as parents in a very modern world and in the 21st century it is VERY important to speak two, three even four languages.

Through my blogpost I like to inspire parents to help their kids in any way possible to be bilingual. I know it won’t be easy but in the long run it is one of the best things we are giving our kids.

I also did some research to find out about bilingual kids been smafter.         Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age. This view of bilingualism is remarkably different from the understanding of bilingualism through much of the 20th century.             (source from the New York Times)

I have also read an article on science line that explains the advantages of been bilingual even if you learn a second language when you are older. So we are never late to learn huh?! Also some people learn faster than others when it comes to study other languages.

imgresI have a six year old and a two year old. My six year old had problems in the beginning  learning Spanish and even though I still have to correct him he speaks a very clear and clean Spanish (even with my Peruvian accent LOL) although most of the times I  still have to correct him especially when he doesn’t know a word he tends to say it in english. (no spanglish in this house:) even those special games we play we manage to say it (see video)

My daughter on the other side seems to speak more English than Spanish so I don’t know how much energy I will have to teach her, because it is exhausting, trust me. Trying to make them understand how important it is to learn my language, my background, my heritage and the importance of been bilingual; so only the time will give me the answer I am looking for. I know I will try my best but this little girl is very stubborn, so hopefully she will learn Spanish no matter what;)

The great gift of all this  bilingual thing, or speaking other languages is, that the kid learns to be more social, appreciates and respects other cultures and enjoys the beauty of been bilingual.

I can share my secret now…I wish one day I speak French fluently or Italian:) and even better if it is both;)

till next time…

Evelyn Brooks


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