National Museum of the American Indian featured the work of Evelyn Brooks

There was a time as I began my career as a jewelry designer when I dreamed to exhibit at one of the Smithsonian Museums. I am a true believer that things come to you at the right time, no sooner no later.

This year I decided to participate at the Native Art Market of the Native American;  I  submitted my application, and said why not apply?  the worst thing that can happen is to be rejected. 10655226_10152549828678177_371004481892277033_o

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.22.53 PM

So, I applied later on I found out that only 38 artists were selected from over 200 applicants. So you know how special I must have felt when I knew about it.

More so when I got on the mail the Native American Magazine and I see over half page dedicated to my Peruvian huayruros, I have dedicated over three years to create one of a kind jewelry pieces working exclusively with this good luck seeds known as huayruros.




















I grew up with huayruros, knowing very well their meaning of bringing good luck and that they protect us from the evil eye or bad energy;         I remember playing with them,  although I refused to wear them traditionally (meaning in simple bracelets or necklaces), years later I found the answer as why I didn’t want to wear them. I did want to wear them but in a more sophisticated and modern way. I wanted to share my culture and heritage through my jewelry designs but following the latest trends. Not just as simple necklace or bracelet strands.

To exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian was the opportunity to let my work shine and be known in the big apple, during the NewYork’s Super Art Market.  I met supporters of the Smithsonian made new friends and I hope to see them again in 2015. (I hope to be accepted;) again…


Want to visit the museum? The museum is located at 1 Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004

Hope to see you in 2015!

Evelyn Brooks

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