Peruvian inspired jewelry designs are now sold at the San Diego Zoo

It was February 18th at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, another edition of the San Francisco Gift Show and my first show in the west coast. Obviously I felt anxious to know about how would the San Francisco show would be and if there would be buyers interested in my jewelry line.

In all honesty there weren’t buyers walking the aisles at all times, like it happens in other trades shows. But I had people coming to my booth learning about my line. It is a bit difficult to introduce a new product, the huayruros seeds are new,my jewelry line is completely different, not many people know where they are from, most likely people think it is coral, so everybody who came by my booth learned about huayruro seeds.

One of the most important interested buyers I talked to was the San Diego Zoo, after they left one of my neighbors told me, you may come here and not see many buyers but it only takes one buyer to make your show worth it. (and YES, that is SO TRUE)

Evelyn Brooks Designs is now sold at the San Diego Zoo

Evelyn Brooks Designs is now sold at the San Diego Zoo

Although I had to do a lot of follow ups (and this is not the 1st time), indeed four weeks ago after many follow ups to the San Diego Zoo jewelry buyer, she asked me for specific samples; I designed for them and finally, they placed their 1st order.

It took a lot of time, patience, communication and an attitude of DO NOT GIVE UP. Eventhough when there are moments that I feel frustrated about trying to get more clients, just when I feel really down, then there is GOD telling me DO NOT GIVE UP. There is a plan for YOU and things will get better, you will see.

After a rigorous process to be accepted as a vendor (one thing is they place the order) then you have to comply with other requirements…after all we can say

Evelyn Brooks Designs is sold at the San Diego Zoo.

We invite you to shop our collection and help us spread the word about my work.

San diego ZOO

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