ToroMata Peruvian Gallery of Art voted City Paper’s Best Gallery

Some of my readers may be like Toro what? Well let me tell you about ToroMata “The Art of Peru”, is the best Peruvian Gallery of Art in Washington DC located in the heart of Adams Morgan  at 2410 18th st. Nw Washington, D.C.

ToroMata gallery is one of the best kept secrets in DC and should be consider next time you visit DC.

I met the owners (Jim & Hector) back in 2005 almost 10 years ago. Still can remember when I show up to showcase my work, we sat down in their 2nd floor to view my jewelry line. It would also be first time a jewelry designer would be featured at ToroMata. Luckily I must say… I was lucky or my work was lucky enough to delight the owners of ToroMata (Jim & Hector) but most importantly to cautivate the customers who would always come back for an Evelyn Brooks Designs jewelry piece.

It is been almost 10 years they have worked with me. I have also seeing how hard they work and how much they care about every detail as well as showcasing its artists at its best.

Their hard work has paid off and for four years they haven received the city paper best of DC award for Best Commercial Art Gallery.


I think it is important to write about Jim & Hector. Entrepreneurs like me who deserve to continue growing their business.


This is a great opportunity to say THANK YOU for representing my work for all the feedback they have given me through out the years and for having such a great relationship with me as an artist.

It is a blessing and count them when your buyers are nice and gentle. Things flow easily much more easily than if you have those buyers who only care about making money and nothing else.


Hector Zarate, Evelyn Brooks and Christine Brooks Cropper (President of the DC Fashion Foundation) during Fashion Night Out DC 2013


ToroMata features the work of Evelyn Brooks in many opportunities and always take care of making my work look at its best.


Again my sincere congratulation to ToroMata and make sure you include a visit to them next time your in Adams Morgan:)

They have host Evelyn Brooks Designs work in many opportunities and we appreciate how we continue to grow our relationship.

Till next time,


Evelyn Brooks


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