Peru Trade Commission in Miami presented Evelyn Brooks

Thanks to The Trade Commission of Peru in Miami for cordially inviting Evelyn Brooks Designs to be part of the Cruise Shipping Exhibition Cruise Shipping 2014in Miami taking place March 11th – 13th 2014, at Miami Beach Convention Center. Come see Evelyn Brooks Designs the magic and exotic power of our Peruvian huayruros is now closer to YOU! her work is highlighted among the best companies offering different products to the world.

Everything you want is now in Peru, during the convention Peru has its own space and offers its exquisite and fascinating cuisine and our awesome pisco sours! so while browsing what Peru has to offer you can zip a tasteful pisco sour;)

We are truly thankful for the invitation is an opportunity to bring Evelyn Brooks to other states in the United States and the world. Our goal is to bring the magic of the Peruvian huayruros to the world, as well as let people know about our sterling silver .950.

At Evelyn Brooks Designs we work exclusively with sheets of silver .950. Peru is the 2nd largest producer of silver in the world and as I Peruvian I feel proud I can get my materials to work my different collections from Peru.

DSC02910 DSC02744 DSC02769 DSC02911 DSC02753


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