Mompreneur birthday

As the years pass and the many experiences I live, I am sitting here making a reflexion of my past birthdays.

Have a I thrown big parties? Who doesn’t remember my birthday parties with over 100 guests, huh!? I can’t forget them either. That is how I celebrated my 20’s, in my 30’s when I was married, things started to change a bit and I guess my hubby dubby was right? Why spend money on throwing parties, let’s enjoy that money and travel together and we did, we would travel for my birthday.

As years continue passing and as I get closer to my 40th birthday…(OH NO!), now  a mompreneur with two kids, things are changing again…

All I can say now is that I give THANKS to God for another year of life. I have experienced in recent years the loss of close friends and most recently another childhood friend, who died tragically in a car accident. Leaving two kids of 4 and 2 years old. You hear stories like someone left her house and never came back, but when is someone so close, it makes you realize about the many things you have in life and what really matters. My friend left her house and she never came back. That is what happened to her.

I am here writing this special blog, with tears in my eyes because I don’t want to throw those huge parties, I don’t want money, or gifts; ALL I WANT IS TO HAVE THE GIFT TO SEE MY KIDS GROW. All I ask God is to let me stay around for a few more years to be with them. I know he listens to me. Although I know He has his own plans.

God has given me sooo MUCH that sometimes I think it is TOO MUCH, but again he has his plans and I know he sees all we do.

Thank YOU to all of those who are part of my life. I give thanks to God for having both my parents alive, for giving me a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids, great friends that I know will be there for my kids, too.

God Bless YOU;)

Your friend!

Evelyn Brooks



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