Evelyn Brooks Designs Jewelry Campaign 2014

I have been planning for months how to do our marketing campaign for 2014. It had to be mind blowing, a completely different concept. Where you could see that Evelyn Brooks Designs is growing as a jewelry designer.

We are still a small jewelry company but we look forward to getting BIGGER & BIGGER. Still, with a small budget we were able to work out with a wonderful group of professional that made ALL this possible.

I feel SO blessed and SO thankful because GOD indeed puts the right people in my path.

We made it all happened at my studio in Alexandria VA. My dear friend photographer Sandro Gomez (Sandro Gomez Photography) came to spend the night with us so we could start early in the morning and also because my brother who was visiting from Peru hasn’t seen him in years and happened to be at my house the day of the photo shoot.  We had a lovely evening dinner prior to the day of our photo shoot.

Early saturday morning Eduardo Carcamo, (My GATO friend), gato means cat in Spanish. Showed up on time with model Vanessa Arias, and here we were with everything ready to make the Evelyn Brooks Designs jewelry campaign 2014 a reality.

We started with the make up and then we dressed Vanessa for each session.

Great moments that I will personally never forget. We worked as a team and the final product says it all;)

IMG_1-8282-1IMG_1-8551-1  IMG_1-8647-2

I hope this jewelry campaign brings new customers wanting to learn more about my jewelery line made with natural seeds from the rainforest of Peru known as huayruro seeds mixed with precious metals.And you know why these seeds are so special? They bring good luck, protection against negative energy, prosperity and happiness.

” Wear my exotic, sophisticated and elegant ecofriendly line” YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Shop Evelyn Brooks Designs – USE the code: TIGERLILLY (receive 10% off your total purchase & we donate 10% to the Tigerlilly Foundation helping raise awareness for early breast cancer detection.


Evelyn Brooks

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