Manta Magic!

After months of inactivity, I finally I have the time to work on my Manta account! Hooray! This means great things for Evelyn Brooks Designs — why?

Well, Manta is an online community of businesses. Much like LinkedIn accounts for resumes and job networking, Manta is a business tool used for business networking.

With Manta, Evelyn Brooks Designs can now share and promote our jewelry, designs, products and services with other businesses locally, nationally and globally. We can now enhance and promote our online presence within the business community.

And all of this amounts to an amazing networking tool for small businesses like Evelyn Brooks Designs to share and gain knowledge and insight on business tactics, strategies, marketing, social media, etc. from other small businesses who may have more experience.

Manta is also constantly updating and improving their networking tools, such as one of their fairly recent improvements to their recommendation and referral tools in 2012. This Manta Recommendation tool allows other business owners to recommend your business, and you can even allow Manta Recommendations on your business profile page. There is even a handly widget that businesses can add to their websites and blogs so people can “Recommend” your business on Manta.

According to an article by Vangie Beal on E-Commerce Guide, there are more useful features and tools to Manta:

Manta even has a mobile app, so as a business owner, you can update your business’s profile anywhere, anytime, or receive notifications about recent recommendations. And with Manta you can “quad post,” or cross post, which means you can post statuses on your Manta page and simultaneously post the same thing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get Manta on your iPhone or Droid

Manta also considers itself as a giant search engine, much like Google, Yahoo and Bing, but it is specifically for businesses. It is a tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because when your business is on Manta, it will be listed on major search engines, and you will receive more a more direct flow of traffic to your Manta page, business website, business blog and any other business page you have created.

With a service this awesome, it has to cost major bucks, right? Wrong. Manta is only $39 per month, and you can even qualify for discounts on the first month. Networking tools, convenience, mobile accessibility and product/service promotion all in one package. Seems like a keeper for Evelyn Brooks Designs!

Hope you found this post interesting and informative!

Evelyn Brooks

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