Be Proud of Yourself this Mother’s Day

As a mom, friend, child, sister, etc…we have soooo many responsibilities that truthfully, with me being 38 years old, with a four-year-old son and four-month-old baby daughter, what I wish I could do each and every day is simply relax, live freely, reconnect with my life…and of course take every opportunity that awaits to spoil myself. How wonderful that would be!





Let’s not forget that many of us moms are the driving-force behind the family, the ones that take complete control to make sure everything gets done as it should. Many of our brilliant ideas help to balance our family lives and keep everyone happy.

This Mother’s Day, we ought to dedicate time to OURSELVES! If we don’t, the responsibilities that we have can result in us feeling exhausted to the point that we no longer enjoy being moms.



So, beginning tomorrow, I will award myself something of an early Mother’s Day present. I will go to the beauty salon to have my hair and nails done. With a four-month-old baby, I honestly haven’t had the time for any of this, but tomorrow will be my day:)

haircut IIimagesCAZ1ISRK

I knew someone very close and her biggest mistake was devoting ALL of her life to her kids – so much that she practically forgot about her husband. I know I’ve been quite preoccupied with my kids lately, but let’s never find ourselves on this far end of the spectrum!

Remember to spoil yourself this holiday and enjoy the everlasting gift of being a Mother.


These are the love of my live Tyler (left now 4 years old) & Stella Rose (right 4 months)Slide3

Lots of love,

Evelyn Brooks

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