How Bing and Yahoo Play Well with Google and Help Your Business GROW…

So, you know how I’ve been posting a lot about Google and the awesome business tools it offers? Well, Bing and Yahoo have come into the mix now!

Similar to Google, Bing and Yahoo have their own databases for searching the Web. Bing uses Satori — what is Satori? — And since Bing and Yahoo have teamed up, Bing is also the search power behind Yahoo.

Registering your business with Bing and Yahoo essentially does the same thing as Google. It ensures that your website will start popping up in searches. Except now, by registering your business with all three search engines, the chances of your site coming up in search results is much greater!


Make your website come up on Yahoo! Search.

Each search engine has its pros/cons and similarities/differences, which is why it is smart to cover your bases and register your business with all three popular search engines. Certain people prefer Google, others prefer Bing and some prefer Yahoo; but why not use all three to our advantage when all three search engines offer us amazing tools to boost our online presence?

Hope you found this post to be informative and interesting, and be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and website! 🙂


Evelyn Brooks

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