I found one of the most useful jewelry beading boards…

As a jewelry mompreneur, I am always trying to maximize my time, especially if I have my son around. And sometimes he just wants to sit right next to me while watching his favorite TV show, Hi-5.

The other day, I went to AC Moore and I found this useful jewelry beading board that helps you work even if you are sitting, watching TV. I also bought a few of these boards and gave them to my jewelry assistants.


  • Zipper-compartment where you can store some of your projects, materials, beading wire, etc.
  • Elastic straps give you a place to store your most used tools
  • The jewelry beading board helps you work with your beads and stay organized while using the different compartments.


These are the places where you can buy this fabulous jewelry beading board.

I hope you find this useful as it has been for me 😉

Have a lovely week!

Evelyn Brooks


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