Noticias Univision Washington DC Interviews Local Jewelry Designer Evelyn Brooks

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Fanny Gutierrez from Univision Washington DC. She absolutely loved my jewelry pieces, stopping by our booth to admire my latest collection. Fanny had her eye on a couple pieces and after chatting for a few minutes, she mentioned to me that she was in charge of entertainment at Univision Noticias Washington DC. She asked if I would be interested in having an interview with her during the entertainment segment at Noticias Univision Washington, where she highlights local artists and their community work.

Evelyn Brooks with Fanny Gutierrez of Noticias Univision Washington DC

Evelyn Brooks with Fanny Gutierrez of Univision Noticias Washington DC

This was a perfect opportunity for Evelyn Brooks Designs to showcase its latest jewelry line and share its mission. Everything happened so quickly! Fanny and I spoke on a Monday evening at Eventos VIP Gala and the very next Wednesday, Dec. 19th at 6:30 p.m., we were already filming the interview for the entertaiment segment of Noticias Univision Washington. As soon as we arrived at Univision’s studio; we were greeted by Fanny and she told me I definitely needed to meet Maria Rosa Lucchini, another anchor at Noticias Univision Washington, originally from Peru. We immediately connected and within minutes, I was showing her my jewelry collection.

News Anchor Maria Rosa Lucchini with Evelyn Brooks

News Anchor Maria Rosa Lucchini with Evelyn Brooks

We greatly appreciate at Evelyn Brooks Designs all of the invitations received during the past months to be interviewed, which has given us the opportunity to present our work to different audiences. However, many things are left to accomplish; but most importantly, we look forward to continue growing and offering more innovative jewelry designs in 2013! Thank you so MUCH to Fanny Gutierrez for dedicating her time into making this interview possible, for her professionalism shown AT ALL TIMES and for trusting and believing in Evelyn Brooks Designs.

Fanny Gutierrez Interviewing Evelyn Brooks

Fanny Gutierrez Interviewing Evelyn Brooks

For those of you who were unable to watch the interview, here is the complete interview.

Till my next blogpost;)

Evelyn Brooks

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