Healthy Competition at the Buyer’s Market of American Craft

I just got back from showcasing my latest collection at the Buyer’s Market of American Craft (BMAC)  this past weekend at the Philadelphia Convention Center.







I don’t think about who is showcasing what, or for how much, or how the boot is decorated. Instead, I look forward to being surrounded by SO MANY artisans in a variety of craft mediums. There are candle makers, glass makers,furniture, metal smiths who fabricate their own pieces, others who love casting pieces, jewelers showcasing their latest creations, and much, much more.


Every time I go back, I try to walk around and see how each of us is unique in our work. The creativity put into each jewelry piece is breath taking,  so I feel I am nurturing my brain just by looking. and when I come home I just want to continue creating. Although what I have to do is fill in the orders I got and deliver on time my purchase orders.

IMG_6327 small

I know that getting accepted into the BMAC showcase is extremely competitive, but that’s exactly why it is so well renowned in the industry. This year they celebrated their 30th anniversary. Top galleries and museums from all over the United States come to the shop  to stock their shelves for the coming season and they know that they will not leave the show disappointed.

Every time I go back, I get to see other artists I have been neighbors with and we get to share our experiences and what we go through, we talk about the challenges we face and we help each other with decoration tips, exchange suppliers info and more…and I call this HEALTHY COMPETITION.

This has been my 3rd year showcasing at the BMAC and I’ve heard sometimes you have to wait three years to see that your investment to showcase at the BMAC is all worth it. To  be honest we have been lucky to sell every year we have showcase since our 1st show, BUT we did not see our return right away it took months because once one gallery/boutique receives my pieces then they have to sell them and I have to say luckily again we have received many re-orders. So my time at the BMAC was TOTALLY worth it.

This year has also been different, perhaps it could be that my booth stands out because everything is in red and black, could be because we had a great location , could be cause I was giving away the huayruro good luck charms, or simply because some people has seen me been back every year so  is not like I will disappear all of a sudden…right?…MAYBE but let me tell you… This has been by far the best show we have ever had.


Presenting my Nazca Collection at the Buyer’s Market of American Craft.

I took orders from galleries and boutiques in New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Pittsburg, Delaware and Washington DC.

I will continue sharing my experience in getting into new markets like the ones I just mentioned to you. Now let me recuperate and get ready to showcase for the 1st time at The Boston Gift Show. March 23-27th

Hasta la proximaWinking smile

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