Preschool VS Working Mom

This is a very personal post that I like to share with all of the working mom’s out there. Who hasn’t missed the 1st day of Preschool, the 1st day of 1st grade, kindergarten, etc.…

Yes there is a feeling of guiltiness BUT I think we also have to be responsible workers, right? I got mixed feelings last week when I had to choose between attending one of my most important events of the year and bringing my little one Tyler (2 and 1/2 years old) to his 1st day of preschool. I had to choose and I hope I made the right decision.

2011-09-08 09.04.12

I got this picture at 910a and I was in tears cause I wasn’t there. I will try and do my best to make sure I am there for his 1st day at elementary school. Hopefully there will be many 1st days in his life that I won’t miss.

This is a whole new chapter in my life as a mom, wife and as a working mother entrepreneur. I have to adjust my schedule based on the days Tyler goes to school. I also have to adjust the meals we eat, nap times, bed time that is on the personal side and on the working side meeting times, perhaps will have to sell more online so I have more flexible time, too?

With the flooding we had last week Tyler only went to school on Thursday and  on Friday he did not go cause’ his school was flooded. That was something that I did not expected to happen. I was wondering what would have happened if that day I was committed with a client, or to deliver an order or to have a show, etc., etc.…Luckily that day I did not have anything scheduled and I was able to stay home with him. BUT I am thinking that now I also have to take in consideration that when the weather is not looking good Tyler may not go to school Sad smile

I wish there is a book that tells us what is the best and the perfect thing to do for your kids. But there isn’t. I think when you have kids you do the best, hope for the best so they have a brilliant future and better opportunities.

Tyler one day you will read this post.  I want you to know YOU MOTIVATE to grow as a mom, to be your best friend and to continue proving the world that you can be a mom and also a mompreneur. I hope you feel PROUD of MAMA when you read this email.


Evelyn Brooks

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