Any Reliable People in Your Company???

Is life all about money? Why is it that people sometimes only think about money first? Perhaps because there are bills to pay, which I totally understand. Sometimes it is money just to spend on incidentals over the weekend on drinks, parties, clothes, accessories etc.…

Why can’t young  adults place there energies thinking about their own future? Or how important is to learn every lesson they can learn from that employer where they work. If you are like me,  probably you won’t understand that until you have settled down in your life.

Traditional Latin America culture eases the pressure to think about your

future, because your kids will take care of you when you get older. That the husband as the bread winner will provide for the rest of your life. Saving for the future is a major concern. I saved money to go to Europe, or to go to that resort in Cuba, or simply to go shopping to New York (just as I did once Winking smile), but what about 401k’s, social security? No for you, no way, no how. Far to often we live in the momentum of immediate gratification and simply because’ we are so passionate in everything we do.

I will add a little dark humor in this post that I remember commenting with some friends regarding the worst times of the economy. We were saying this while Americans were killing themselves because they lost their jobs. A Peruvian loses his job on Friday and I guarantee he is drinking and partying the same night and through the weekend.

I believe Hispanic culture is more cavilair, that no matter what we think ….things will get better, no matter what The reason is our faith that God has another door that he will open for you when another is closed.

At this juncture in my company I am looking for reliable people who are there when I need them. Responsible people who are willing to give me input when needed. Who are proactive.                                                 I learned this word that I heard 20,000 times while I worked for United Airlines.  BE PROACTIVE, YOU HAVE EMPOWEREMENT. Which means go the extra mile for your company. You are entitled to make a decision wherever you have to make it as long as it makes sense. Especially if it is for the good of the company (if you still don’t know what proactive is? CLICK HERE) Of course there may be mistakes because  you made a decision. However, you choose a decisive course of action. If that works great. If this does not you chalk it up as a lesson learned and continue to move forward.

When I worked for United Airlines, I really thought I was going be there until I retired and have my benefits of traveling for the rest of my life. But God had a different plan for me. I got laid off twice. The 2nd time I was living in Mexico and went back to my native Peru. While there I had an epiphany and realized that I didn’t belong with United Airlines.  I was an international girl who wanted to continue exploring the world and other cultures. So I endeavored and ventured myself off to the States for 6 months in March of 2003 without knowing that the very 1st weekend after my arrival, I would meet my future husband. Faith would have it that I got married eight months later. A door closed and another door had opened. Launching Evelyn Brooks Designs in June of 2004

brooks1Cover 2010.2

So again God had a different plan for me.  Now I plan for my future, along with my family, performing in a rewarding career that is fulfilling to God great plan.

With loveRed lips


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