A Creative Jewelry Chica

My journey as a jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and then mompreneur has had many obstacles but I have faced each of them with a smile and a phrase that says “something bigger and better” sooner or later will come. I have followed my favorite jewelry designers, too; to mention a few: Robert Lee Morris, just to look at him gives me a sense of peace, he seems such an easy going person; but also a well-known jewelry business man. Another favorite Roberto Coin, with his ingenious idea of hiding a ruby in each of his jewelry pieces (that is clever and VERY creative)

Even though he is not in the jewelry business; I love the tenancy of Mr. Donald Trump from going bankrupt to rebuilt his empire or Mrs. Oprah Winfrey whom with a troubled and traumatic childhood, became a TV queen and inspirational success history. If they did it I can do it, too; right?
Actually once I had an argument with an event partner. This person would not take failure as an option and we got into an argument; SO it occur to me to tell this person…”If Donald Trump fails, I can fail, too” and since that day I’ve never worked with that person again. If you are not ready for failure, then you are not ready for business.

I know there are three zillion thousands of jewelry designers out there but as I always say in my classes/presentations/conferences, etc… we are ALL different individuals. It is a matter of who you are, where you come from, what you have to offer, how you presented, etc., etc…One day there was an article written by Julio Escalante from El Comercio – Peru, El Comercio newspaper is what the Washington Post is por Washingtonians. This article was about me with a big title saying I am my own brand” (click to read)And YES jewelry designers and small businesses can create their own signature brand. Of course it is not going to happen from one day to another but with LOTS OF PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, PLANNING AND A GOOD BUSINESS PLAN it will eventually happen. Find your niche and you will see how things become easier and more accessible for you.

It was funny and interesting today someone asked me what do you to be “Successful”? And I said by being creative in everything I do (even in the kitchen). Being creative is a never ending story. You cannot seat and wait for the money to come; you have to go after it and once you think you have it all; don’t be so sure…reinvent yourself and keep on going…

Evelyn Brooks Designs celebrates its 7th anniversary offering 20%off everything online and a complementary signature Evelyn Brooks ring with every purchase.

Hasta la proximal….;)

p.s.- The El Comercio articule was written in spanish. Other articules written in English can be found at http://ebrooksdesigns.com/as-seen-in.html

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