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Alpaca Wool Interesting Facts that you Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About Alpaca Wool That You Probably Didn’t Know Alpaca woolen wear has been making waves in the fashion industry for quite some time. And why not? Not only do clothes made out of alpaca wool look amazing, but they also come with unique features. It’s hypoallergenic, believed to be more durable than sheep wool, and is even flame-resistant to some extent! Meet The Alpacas Alpacas are social herd animals that graze in groups in the regions of Southern Peru, Western Bolivia, Ecuador, and Northern Chile. Similar to the cute llamas, the alpaca is a species that has been domesticated as it serves a wide range of purposes. Can’t seem to tell the difference between an alpaca and a llama? The key differentiator is size. The one that’s smaller is more likely to be an alpaca. Alpaca Wool - Lesser-Known Facts If you think that alpaca wool comes from a single Peruvian breed, then you’re wrong. There are two alpaca breeds that have been categorized on the basis of the quality and composition of fibers rather than there being significant physiological differences. The two breeds are Suri and Huacaya. Interestingly, their wool comes in a variety of around 22 colors! It is believed that 82 percent of the alpacas are Huacaya, which are characterized by puffy fleeces and a teddy bear like-appearance! On the other hand, a Suri alpaca’s harvested wool is more likely to have a dreadlock-like appearance, with the fur pointing downwards rather than being tightly crimped like Huacaya fur. Because of their distinct texture and quality, they are hailed as luxury wool in the textile market. Each of them is utilized to manufacture different types of winterwear, keeping in mind the texture of the wool. You are more likely to find socks, mittens, sweaters that are made of Huacaya wool. Suri fleece is lustrous and has a gliding feel and this makes it perfect for coats and shawls. Since Suri fleece is rarer, it’s also more expensive. We hope that these pointers have made it easier for you to tell a Suri alpaca wool winter collection from a Huacaya one! Stay tuned for more such updates from Peru Gift Shop.