Evelyn Brooks tight #30ADA4Evelyn Brooks was born in Peru. She graduated from Cenfotur, a business tourism school in Peru at the age of 21 and decided to work in the tourism and management field. Evelyn was fortunate to explore the travel industry and travel around the world as part of her job. She has lived in many different countries, namely Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States, and enjoys the beauty of what each country has to offer.

In 2004, Evelyn discovered her new passion: jewelry-making and design. She immersed herself in different studies at the Torpedo Factory, The Gemological Institute of America and Empowered Women International in order to diversify her knowledge of the jewelry industry.

Her father has been a jeweler since the age of fourteen and her mother ran a successful fashion and accessories boutique. Although Evelyn no longer lives in Lima, she travels to Peru for inspiration and creates her new collections with modern designs inspired by Peruvian culture and following the latest trends in the United States and around the world.

Many organizations, nationally and internationally, have recognized and awarded her work; among them include:

As a result, Washington Life Magazine has named Evelyn Brooks as one of the most notable Peruvian artists in Washington, D.C.

Over 60 of the most prestigious museums, galleries and boutiques feature her jewelry line. You may find her designs at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., The Women’s Museum for the Arts, The Textile Museum and The Harvard Museum of Natural History in Boston. In September of 2012, her work debuted at the Museum of Art & Design in New York.

Evelyn continues to pursue her passion in jewelry and looks forward to working on new designs, incorporating new lines to her existing collection for years to come.

“I am a very passionate young entrepreneur and I look forward to creating more innovative modern designs influenced with my native Peruvian culture.”

Follow me in my wonderful journey as a Succesful Hispanic American mompreur;)